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Soft drinks damage..affect immunity and heart and cause obesity

There are many dangers of soft drinks because they contain large amounts of sugar, as one cup of soft drinks contains 16 teaspoons of sugar, which leads to many serious diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity, in addition to affecting the health of the liver where those sugars are converted into fat and affect the liver.

According to a report published in the "Times of India" website, there are many harms to soft drinks:



Soft drinks contain large amounts of sugars that stimulate the hormone insulin, the hunger hormone, which increases the desire to eat, which turns into fat, and thus exposes you to obesity and weight gain.


Soft drinks contain soda, which results in high levels of uric acid, which puts you at risk of gout and arthritis.

Liver diseases

Soft drinks contain large amounts of sugars, which cause liver disorders and lead to fatty liver, diabetes and thyroid gland dysfunction, since these sugars turn into fats and glycogen, which also results in obesity and high blood cholesterol levels.

breast cancer

A recent American study revealed a relationship between the consumption of soft drinks and the incidence of breast cancer, because these sugar-sweetened drinks in addition to containing soda affect breast health, as it was found that women who drink soda drinks five or more times a week have a higher risk of death from any cause by 62% and 85% of breast cancer, according to findings published in the Journal of the American Association for Research on Cancer.


cause heart disease

Excess sugars in soft drinks affect the health of the heart because it resists insulin in the body, and thus is reflected in the decline in its role in controlling sugars, which leads to metabolic disorders.

Affect your immune system

Because it contains soda, which hinders your immune system and affects its efficiency, exposing you to many diseases and viral infections.