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The best 5 stars of the English Premier League in Euro 2020

A number of English Premier League players showed their distinctive abilities in the European Nations Cup "Euro 2020", which concluded its competitions on July 11, and the Italian national team crowned it at the expense of England in the final match.

A number of English Premier League players represented more than one team in the Euro Championship, but some of them succeeded in advancing themselves and proving their capabilities with their country in the continental event.

And we review for you 5 stars from the English Premier League, who starred in the Euro 2020 tournament.

Jorginho (Italy / Chelsea)

Jorginho, the Chelsea star, spent his best seasons at the European and international level, as he won the Champions League title with the Blues, and the European Nations Cup "Euro 2020" with the Italian national team.

Jorginho performed superbly with the Azzurri throughout the Euro career, as he was the most intercepted in the competition, covering distances of 86.6 km, the largest number of any player in the Euro.

He also completed 497 passes, the second most pass in the tournament, with a pass success rate of 93%.

Luke Shaw (Manchester United / England)

Man United defender Luke Shaw has developed into the best left-back player in the world, thanks to his outstanding performance with England at the European Championship "Euro 2020".

Luke Shaw played a big role with Manchester United last season, and was the reason for ending the English Premier League with the runner-up position, in addition to reaching the final of the European League before losing to Villarreal.

Having been retained with England against Croatia in the opening Euro campaign, Le Ccho has become a key element in the Three Lions' squad, and is becoming a major force that Gareth Southgate depends on.

Luke Shaw was chosen as the best player in the Czech match, and he provided a assist during England's 2-0 victory over Germany, in the round of 16, and assisted two goals against Ukraine in the quarter-finals.

Luke Shaw scored England's goal against Italy, during the Euro 2020 final, before his country lost the title on penalties.

Raheem Sterling (Manchester City / England)

The most prominent players of the England national team in Euro 2020, contributed greatly to the arrival of the Three Lions to the final match.

He scored the two goals in England's victory over Croatia and the Czech Republic in the group stage, and scored the first goal for his country against Germany in the quarter-finals, as he completed 37 dribbles, which is the most number of dribbles of any player in the tournament.

Sterling is England's second top scorer in the European Championship "Euro 2020", with 3 goals, behind Harry Kane, the leader, with 4 goals.

Harry Kane (Tottenham / England)

Harry Kane made an unexpected start for England in the first 3 matches of the group stage of Euro 2020.

But Tottenham striker Harry Kane glowed in the knockout stages, and managed to score 4 goals that led the Three Lions to the final before losing to Italy on penalties 2-3.

Paul Pogba (Manchester United / France)

Paul Pogba presented a distinguished version in the Euro Championship with the French national team, and according to his performance, movements and perfect passes, he is the best player in the European competition.

He scored a wonderful goal against Switzerland in the round of 16 from a long distance, but the French team exited the competition with a penalty shootout.

Paul Pogba played 5 accurate crosses for France in the continental competition, and it is unfortunate that the French strikers were not able to make the most of them.

He won the Man of the Match award twice in four Euro matches, and he could have been named Player of the Tournament, but France's early exit prevented that.