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The Egyptian Stock Exchange indices continue to decline due to domestic and foreign sales pressures

The Egyptian Stock Exchange indices continued their decline in the middle of today's trading session, Tuesday, the middle of the week's sessions, due to the pressure of sales of Egyptian and foreign dealers, while Arab transactions tended to buy.


The "EGX30" index declined by 1.83% to reach the level of 10158 points, and the "EGX50" index fell by 3.07% to reach the level of 2105 points, and the "EGX30" index of weights decreased by 2.13% to reach the level of 12615 points, The "EGX30" total return index fell by 1.24% to reach the level of 3,973 points.


The index of medium and small companies "EGX70 of equal weights" decreased by 2.87% to reach the level of 2283 points, and the "EGX100 index of equal weights" fell by 2.79% to reach the level of 3220 points, and the index of excellence decreased by 0.13% to reach the level of 2434 points.


In a related context, the Egyptian Stock Exchange announced the suspension of trading on 40 shares for a period of 10 minutes, for exceeding 5%, up or down, during today's trading session, and they are; National Bank of Kuwait-Egypt, Wadi Kom Ombo for Land Reclamation, Lecico Egypt, South Valley Cement, Suez Canal Bank Egyptian Joint Stock Company, Ezz Steel, Misr Cement-Qena, Zahraa Maadi for Investment and Development, Iron and Steel for Mines and Quarries, General Paper Industry-Rakta, Amer Holding Group (Amer Group), Speed ​​Medical, Arab Forum for Investments, North Upper Egypt for Development and Agricultural Production (Newdab), Beltone Financial Holding, Construction and Engineering Consultation, Arabia for Engineering Industries, Ajwaa for Food Industries - Egypt, Oden for Financial Investments, Giza General Contracting and Investment real estate.


The trading of shares has also been suspended; Ismailia National Food Industries (Fodeco), Arab Real Estate Investment - Alico, Arab Valves, Arab Company for Asset Management and Development, Prime Holding for Financial Investments, Egyptians for Housing, Development and Reconstruction, Misr National Steel - Ataka, Egyptian Real Estate Group, Canal Shipping Agencies, Egyptian for Touristic Resorts , Golden Coast Sokhna for Tourist Investment, Egyptian Financial and Industrial, Arab Ceramics - Ceramica Remas, Egyptian for Media Production City, Nasr for Clothes and Textiles - Kabo, International for Investment and Development, Arabia for Land Reclamation, Obour for Real Estate Investment, Arab Aluminum, Arab Dairy Products "Arab Dairy- Panda".


In the same context, the transactions of the insiders, the main shareholders and the groups associated with them varied during a trading session yesterday, as the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Companies for the Development of the Construction Industry (Lift Slab Egypt), the Egyptian Real Estate Group, the Grand Investment Holding for Financial Investments, and the Egyptian Gulf Marseilia for Real Estate Investment, sold 3.5 million Shares, 1.7 million shares, 20 thousand shares, and 75 thousand shares, respectively, and a group linked to Tanmia Real Estate Investment Company sold 13,950 shares.


Meanwhile, the Board of Directors of Nasr Civil Works Companies, Engineer Insurance, Gulf Canadian Arab Real Estate Investment, Egyptian Real Estate Group, Egyptian Kuwaiti Holding, bought 3,000 shares, 1273 shares, 4500 shares, 60.5 thousand shares, and 550 thousand shares, respectively. Associated with the two Architectural Engineering Industries for Construction and Development - Icon, Arabia for Engineering Industries 10,977 shares, 222.5 thousand shares, respectively, and the management of Raya Holding Company for Financial Investments bought 100 thousand shares.


In a separate context, Orascom Construction B. The. C., adding new contracts worth $1.1 billion to the value of the projects under implementation in the second quarter of 2021, and these new contracts represent an increase of 52% compared to the second quarter of 2020, bringing the total value of new contracts in the first half of 2021 to 1.8 billion US dollars.


Projects in Egypt represent 32% of the total value of new contracts concluded during the second quarter of 2021, as the group added contracts across the water and industry sectors. New contracts in the United States represent 68% of the total and include a large share in the data centers sector. The combined value of the projects under implementation amounted to $5.8 billion as of June 30, 2021.


In another context, the Iron and Steel Company for Mines and Quarries announced the signing of an agreement contract with the Egyptian Industries Company-Kima to transfer a plot of land with an area of ​​45,000 square meters to the company, which has become one of the company's assets and properties.