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The Keto Diet.. How does it help you get rid of belly fat quickly?

It can be difficult to get rid of visceral fat, also known as belly fat, especially since it is concentrated near the vital organs of the body, however, there is a major nutritional trick that can help you lose belly fat "quickly", according to the website "Express". .

Visceral fat is the body fat that is stored in the abdominal cavity, which contains a number of vital organs such as the liver, intestines, and pancreas, and the accumulation of fat in this area can interfere with vital body functions, leading to the development of chronic conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, and you can get rid of Stubborn belly fat by eating a healthy diet.

If you want to lose belly fat quickly, stick to foods that contain the fewest calories, such as soups, green salads, and others.

Several studies attest to the benefits of a low-calorie diet in burning visceral fat, as the keto diet, a low-carb, high-fat diet, has been shown to be very effective in losing belly fat, as this diet aims to force your body to use a different type of fat. fuel.

The keto diet relies on ketone bodies, a type of fuel that the liver produces from stored fat, rather than relying on sugar that comes from carbohydrates such as grains and legumes, and this means that the body uses its stored fat to produce energy.

A study published in the journal Endocrine indicated that people who followed a low-calorie keto diet saw a significant decrease in visceral fat over the course of a year.

And plenty of research also suggests that protein can be a useful way to lose weight because it makes you feel fuller than carbs and fats.