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The National Wage: Implementing the minimum wage for the private sector in January 2022

Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning and Economic Development and Chairman of the National Wages Council, stated that the decision of the National Wages Council to set the minimum wage for workers in the private sector at 2,400 pounds, will be mandatory for private sector facilities as of January 2022, with granting stumbling facilities due to the economic pressures imposed by the pandemic. Corona is an area of ​​flexibility and the possibility of applying to the Council to exclude it from applying the minimum wage until its economic conditions improve, and there is a deadline until next October to receive these requests and complaints from the affected establishments to discuss the possibility of excluding them.


Regarding the council’s decision to set the periodic bonus at 3% of the insurance wage, Dr. Hala Al-Saeed explained that the council prepared a study through the Wages and Allowances Committee headed by Minister Mohamed Saafan, Minister of Manpower and in cooperation with the National Insurance Authority to calculate the insurance wage and its relationship to the basic wage, and it reached 3% More than 7% of the basic wage, and it was agreed to set a minimum allowance of 60 pounds to be applied from this July, except in cases of establishments whose budget starts from January and increases have already been applied last January, which will implement the decision on the allowance next January with the new budget.


Al-Saeed explained that declaring a minimum wage in the private sector is an important step in activating the tasks of the National Wages Council, and that the Council tried, through its various committees, to achieve a balance between workers' rights to obtain an appropriate wage that guarantees an adequate standard of living while at the same time taking into account the difficult economic conditions that It goes through several sectors and cannot bear new burdens.


The head of the National Wages Council added that the council includes a balanced representation of all parties from the relevant ministries, representatives of the private sector, chambers of commerce and the Federation of Industries.


and the Egyptian Workers’ Union, and the Minister of Planning thanked all council members for their efforts in reaching a decision setting the minimum and determining the value of the periodic bonus.