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The New York Times: Haiti is plunged into chaos and mystery still surrounds the assassination of the president

The American newspaper, "The New York Times", said that Haiti is plunged into chaos days after the assassination of President Jovenel Moise, as the mystery still surrounds how he was killed, while the Haitian Minister of Elections, Matthias Pierre, announced that the Haitian government asked the United States to send forces to protect Major infrastructure.

Haitian officials said they had requested military support to protect ports, airports, gasoline facilities and other key infrastructure, the New York Times reported.

The US State Department confirmed the request but did not disclose a US response.

"The Haitian government has requested security and investigative assistance, and we remain in regular contact with Haitian officials to discuss how the United States can help," a State Department spokesperson said.

Separately, the White House said the United States would send a delegation of senior FBI and Homeland Security officials to Haiti as soon as possible.

"Ensuring that we provide resources, in terms of women and workforce, but also financial resources, is part of our goal as well," White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

The Caribbean nation has been mired in uncertainty since Moise's assassination early Wednesday: Parliament has long been suspended and two rival officials have claimed to be interim prime minister.

Police in Haiti said the assassination was carried out by 26 Colombians and two Haitian-American mercenaries. Seventeen suspects were arrested after a gun battle in Paison-Ville, a suburb of the capital, Port-de-Prince, three others were killed and eight are still at large.

According to the Washington Post, according to Haitian officials, the two Haitian Americans involved, James Solage and Joseph Vincent, were tricked into participating in the assassination. Solaj told investigators he had applied online for a job as a translator for "foreigners" who he claimed did not know their full names.