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The rise in gold prices in Egypt today, and 21 karat records 788 pounds

Gold prices in Egypt recorded today, Thursday, a limited movement of only two pounds, to rise 21 karat, which is the best seller in Egypt today, to levels of 788 pounds per gram, and it is expected that prices will witness other changes in the coming hours.

Gold price today in Egypt:

Carat 18 recorded 675 pounds.

21 caliber record 788 pounds.

24 carat record 900.75 pounds.

The gold pound is 6304 pounds.

An ounce of gold is 1808 dollars.


Today, Thursday, July 8, 2021, the markets are witnessing several events, including the announcement of the minutes of the European Central Monetary Policy Committee’s meeting, US unemployment benefits, US crude oil stocks, and the Group of 20 meetings.


These facts will have clear effects on gold trading today, Thursday, but they will not go far from the current expectations, as gold moves at an average price of 1790 to 1815 dollars in relation to the price of an ounce in spot trading.


The price of the precious metal in Egypt moves in the price level of 780 to 790 pounds per gram of 21 karat, which is the most traded in Egypt.