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Watch the moment of the eruption of a volcano in Costa Rica and the explosion of lava at a height of 2 km

A remote camera recorded the moment of the eruption of the Rincon-de-la-Veja volcano, northern Costa Rica. After the volcano erupted, no damages or injuries were reported among the citizens in the vicinity of the island near the volcano.

The video footage showed the terrifying scene of the eruption of the volcano and the exit of thick columns of smoke from its crater, while the local authorities urged residents of the neighboring areas not to approach the river overlooking the volcano, useful that emissions could reach the channels of the reservoirs, so it is necessary to avoid approaching the banks and bridges above channels.

On the other hand, it is noteworthy that in Indonesia, thousands of worshipers go to an active Indonesian volcano to throw livestock and other sacrifices into the fiery crater, during a centuries-old traditional ritual. Every year, members of the Tenger tribe gather from the surrounding heights to throw fruits, vegetables, flowers and even animals such as goats. and chickens, in the crater of Mount Bromo as part of a festival called "Yadunia Casada".

A long line of devotees, with goat heads dangling on each other's backs, make their way to the top in hopes of pleasing Hindu ancestors and deities and bringing prosperity to their communities. for the ancestors."