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Zamalek reveals, for the seventh day, that FIFA fined Pacheco after reducing $ 2 million

Nasr Azzam, a lawyer for Zamalek and an advisor on international issues for the club, revealed that the International Football Association "FIFA" agreed to appeal Zamalek in the case of Portuguese former coach Pacheco and his assistants, to reduce the size of the fines by 75%, bringing the total that was reduced to 2 million dollars. .


Azzam said for the seventh day, that he became owed to Pacheco approximately 450 thousand euros, after the Portuguese coach asked for one million and 700 thousand euros. Azzam explained that Pacheco's assistants, Alex Costa and Pedro, became entitled to them 40,000 each, or 80,000 euros, after they demanded 320,000 euros, and Nasr Azzam stressed that the current Zamalek committee led by Hussein Labib played a major role in quickly dealing with the Pacheco case. , especially Amr Adham, who is responsible for the case file, after he was assigned by the previous committee to the case of the assistants and then was assigned by the current committee in the Pacheco case.


Azzam stressed that everyone inside Zamalek aims to end those disputes related to the club, led by Amr Adham, a member of the committee in charge of managing Zamalek through the club’s internal collective system, which works on the case file, and among its members is Ahmed Ibrahim, director of players’ affairs in Mit Oqba Castle.