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10 Information about Nile Nassar, the Egyptian knight in the Tokyo Olympics, the fiancé of Bill Gates' daughter

Nile Nassar, the Egyptian knight participating in the 2020 Olympic Games, ignited social media after qualifying for the equestrian final at the Olympics, especially after billionaire Bill Gates announced his support for the Egyptian knight during his participation in the Olympics in order to compete for an Olympic medal in the current Tokyo 2020 session.

Nayel Nassar and Mohamed Taher Ziada qualified for the singles final in equestrian competitions, after participating in the first round competitions that took place today with the participation of 75 riders, and the final competitions will take place today, where the duo qualified among the top 30 riders who participated on Tuesday, and Nassar starred in the equestrian singles qualifiers and finished his attempt without errors. At 88.42 seconds.

Bill Gates supports Nile Nassar

American billionaire Bill Gates was keen to support Egyptian rider Nile Nassar before his participation in the equestrian competitions in the current Summer Olympics "Tokyo 2020". But there is no athlete I would encourage more than my soon-to-be-daughter husband Nayel Nassar, good luck Nayel.”

We review the top 10 information about Nile Nassar, the Egyptian Knight:

Nayel Nassar, born January 21, 1991, is 30 years old. He was born in Chicago, USA.

– Nayel Nassar was born to an Egyptian father and mother from Menoufia Governorate, and Nayel Nassar moved with his family to Kuwait at the age of five, and Nayel Nassar’s fortune ranges, according to the American “The Daily Biography” website, from 20 to 100 million US dollars, and the site revealed that Nayel Nassar’s wealth is unknown. To be precise, it outweighs the fortune of his fiancée Jennifer, daughter of Bill Gates.

- Nayel Nassar used to live with his family in Kuwait until he moved to California in 2009. Nayel Nassar graduated from Stanford University, and obtained a BA in economics from it in 2013.

- Nayel Nassar is fluent in 4 languages: Arabic, English, French and German, and he has a brother, Sharaf Nassar, and Nayel Nassar holds Egyptian and American citizenship.

- Nayel Nassar practiced several sports in his childhood, such as football, basketball, volleyball and tennis, but he was only convinced by horseback riding.

- Nayel Nassar studied economics and management at Stanford University in California, and Nayel Nassar won the Longines New York Grand Prix, worth $400,000, as he became the first jockey to win the Longines Grand Prix.

- Nayel Nassar won the Grand Prix horse riding competition in 2013, whose prize money is estimated at one million dollars.

- This was not the first time that Nile Nassar represented Egypt at the Olympics, as he had previously done the same at the 2012 London Olympics.

- Nayel Nassar had a friendship with Bill Gates' daughter in 2017, and in 2020 Nayel Nassar announced his association with the little billionaire.

- Nile Nassar Faris achieved first place and gold medal in the Grand Prix Championship in Saint Gallen in Switzerland last June. Among the most prominent achievements of Nile Nassar is winning first place in the Las Vegas Show Jumping Race, the National Horse Race, seventh place in the Show Jumping World Cup, and first place in the award Grand Rabat.