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Aoun’s message to the Lebanese people on the anniversary of the port explosion: I call on the judiciary to complete the investigations

Lebanon's President, General Michel Aoun, affirmed that he feels the pain of family and friends who lost their loved ones in the Beirut Port explosion, "and I am one of those who lost dearly that day", calling on the judiciary to go to the end in the investigation and trials, saying: "I am with him, and by his side, until the evacuation facts and justice. He said: "When the head of state puts himself at the disposal of the judiciary to hear his testimony, there is no excuse for anyone to grant himself any immunity, or to arm himself with any argument, legal or political, so as not to provide the investigation with all the information required to help him reach his goal, according to a press release.

The president pointed out that the challenge that the judicial investigator and the judiciary face later on, is to uncover the truth, conduct the trial and issue a fair judgment in an acceptable period of time, "because delayed justice is not justice." Al-Adli to interrogate whoever he considers useful for the investigation, “considering that it is appropriate to let the investigation take its course away from pressures from any side that came, and pledge to the families of the martyrs that the blood that was shed on that fateful day will not be in vain, and that the truth is coming and with it the just retribution for everyone responsible for the crimes.” disaster.


He called for the commemoration of tomorrow to be a station in which we remember the martyrs, the injured and the displaced, away from any behavior that could be exploited to tamper with security and stability and offend the meanings of this memory.


President Aoun affirmed that he will seek, with the designated president, "in accordance with the requirements of the constitution, to overcome all obstacles in the way of forming a rescue government, capable of implementing the required and well-known reform program, with the expertise, competencies and integrity of its members." He stressed, "We are able together with our cooperation and patience, and by putting the mechanisms of solution on the right track, by forming a promising government, and preparing for parliamentary elections that lay the seeds of real change, helping to overcome the painful present, and gradually rise from the crisis that is tearing our homeland and our hearts and the happiness of our lives."


The President of the Republic called for the Lebanese to adhere to their unity and open a new page that would return Lebanon to the map of innovation, growth, and competition, and restore to its youth the hope of their homeland, the desire to remain in it, and return it to the homeland of civilization, joy, and creativity.