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Ayman Gemayel: Egypt, under President Sisi, is witnessing an unprecedented civilizational shift in the construction and housing sector

Businessman Ayman El-Gamil said that what Egypt is currently witnessing in terms of a great boom in the housing and construction sector is enough to move the country from the stage of overcrowding, unplanned construction and random expansion to a new phase of urban urban development to catch up with the advanced countries in this field, indicating that we must look To the map of the world to realize how major countries seek to renew their historical cities and build new cities with a distinctive character, not only in order to accommodate the new generations, but in order to build a civilized appearance that attracts tourism and keeps pace with the technological development in the world.

Ayman Gemayel stressed that President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, during the past seven years, has presented an unprecedented civilized vision for the development of all sectors of society, foremost of which is the housing and construction sector, which has witnessed confusion and randomness during the past decades, especially since President El-Sisi assumed the reins of matters in very difficult circumstances, in terms of the exacerbation of danger. Slums and the resort of many to building without planning and the increase in construction on agricultural lands to meet the population increase, until the Egyptian cities, especially Cairo, lost their distinctive historical character and became very crowded.

Gemayel explained that building new cities on empty lands is much easier and less costly than addressing the random expansion of the already existing cities. Three directions at once and with great force, the first of these directions is to save the citizens who live in dangerous slums, and the consequent difficult living, economic and health conditions by building cities and civilized residential communities for them in the places where they reside, as happened in the Sayeda Zainab area, for example, or Transferring them to new, fully equipped communities, as happened in Asmarat and Good News

Gemayel pointed out that the second direction implemented by the government, through the vision of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, is to provide more than one million housing units of social housing, medium housing, and youth housing for the new generations and young people who are about to marry on easy terms, so that every citizen who wants to obtain a housing unit, representing His right to adequate and appropriate housing and in a good civilized environment in which all necessary services are available, such as transportation to markets, schools, hospitals and playgrounds in an organized manner that ensures the upbringing of psychologically and intellectually sound generations.

Businessman Ayman El-Gamil pointed out that the third trend in President Sisi's vision is to establish smart fourth-generation cities, such as the New Administrative Capital, New Alamein, El Galala and others in various governorates of Egypt so that they represent a global attraction for Egyptian real estate and represent a new interface for the new republic with advanced distinctive buildings Iconic towers and neighborhoods designed to be world-famous are modeled on the largest neighborhoods in the United States and Europe.



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