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Biden arrives in Washington after cutting his vacation and delivers a speech today on the situation in Afghanistan

US President Joe Biden has arrived in Washington after his vacation was cut short due to the situation in Afghanistan, Al-Arabiya TV reported, in an urgent news story a while ago.

US President Joe Biden will deliver a speech on the situation in Afghanistan this evening, the White House announced in an update of the president's schedule today, at a time when chaos continues in Afghanistan a day after the Taliban seized power in conjunction with the withdrawal of US and foreign forces from the country.

According to the updated schedule, Biden will return to the White House from Camp David and then deliver remarks at 9:45 pm Cairo time.

The announcement comes after Biden drew criticism for not planning any kind of official discourse on the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan.

Biden will speak a day after Taliban forces enter Kabul and as frantic evacuation efforts continue at the city's airport, as desperate Afghans try to board planes to leave the country.